Meccanica GN

Maximum performance in precision manufacturing

MECCANICA GN in Carpi has been designed to meet the latest standards of wellbeing in the workplace. Opened in 2008, it has a surface area of over 7,000 m2, of which 3,700 are built. The latest technology and liveable spaces make the environments comfortable and welcoming for all.
Every machine is connected to a specifc hood system. The air conditioning can be controlled in zones and high-efficiency energy systems meet the latest standards, making this a company built for people. Where employees and customers feel at home.

the chemical composition of water.

Because of technological development, medicine is radically changing. High precision equipment is now an integral part in surgery, implants and components made of special materials and manufacturing, are all part of what a man is and all the more often, they determine the quality of life. MECCANICA GN is equipped with high precision machinery which are able to manufacture minimum quantities with margins of error almost equal to zero. The quality assurance on each of the items produced is a guarantee of absolute executive perfection, which is an imperative must for what regards the Biomedical sector

Renewable energetic sources.

Wind, Hydro, Solar power, as well as experimental projects in which the movement of the tide is used to produce Energy. MECCANICA GN together with its engineers and its equipment finds itself exactly where both technology and new solutions are needed to understand and overcome the challenges with its ability to look ahead into the future.

Aeronautics – Nautica – Avionics

Every single helicopter, airline or military aircraft, every drone used to fathom the climate or for defense purposes represents a complex system of an infinite number of mechanical parts connected one to the other. Everyone of them must be perfect and flawless in order to reflect the perfection of the overall project. MECCANICA GN is ready for any type of challenge: from the design of the smallest of elements where the micron is the unit of measure to the holders of the landing gears where the quality of the material used and the strength of the alloys are part of the overall safety of the aircraft.

Automotive – Formula 1 – Motor cycling

Formula 1 is the ultimate expression of mechanical perfection. The engine, distribution, transmission, brakes and carbon parts: every single component is a jewel intended to conquer tenths of a second in a race. You just can’t go wrong when you bet on the best horse. Nowadays, the most important teams in Formula 1 have verified that MECCANICA GN is the ideal partner to achieve their goals.